Monday, June 9, 2014

PYS 4.16: Na Ca Eka Citta Tantram Ced Vastu Tat Apramanakam Tada Kim Syat

Na, notca, and, eka citta, one consciousness, tantram, dependentced, itvastu, object, tat, that, apramanakam, unrecognized, tada, thenkim, whatsyat, would happen.
An object can be seen or unseen in accordance with the condition of the mind.

When I am hungry, the only things I can see are food. Once I am sated, I see everything in front of me. Likewise, before I meditate, I don't see things clearly, after every little thing is clear as a bell.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

PYS 4.15: Vastu Samye Citta Bhedat Tayor Vibhaktah Pathah

Vastu, objects, samye, same, chitta, minds, bhedat, being different, tayoh, their, vibhaktah, are different, panthah, ways of being.
Everyone sees everything differently based on the perception of their minds.

I think that pujas are the best thing to eat all day long. Momma thinks they are best served at special times. We all see things differently and that's ok.

Monday, May 26, 2014

PYS 3.14: Parinamaikatvad Vastu Tattvam

Parinama, transformation, ekatvat, due to unity, vastu, object, tattvam, essence.
Through the practice of yoga, the yogi transforms but the essence of the yogi remains the same.

Underneath all of our layers is a bright light. It's always there. Life sometimes covers that light and makes us seem different. But when we do our yoga, that light comes out again.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

PYS 4.13: Te Vyakta Suksmah Gunatmanah

Te, they (past, present, & future), vyakta, manifest, suksmah, subtle, gunatmanah, the nature of qualities.
Time and the qualities of nature mix together changing nature.

Every little thing we do today makes something happen tomorrow. If we are all nice to our Mommas today, tomorrow they will all wake up happier and feeling loved.

Happy Mother's Day Mommas!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

PYS 4.12: Atitanagatam Svarupato'sty Adhva Bhedad Dharmanam

Atita, past, anagatam, future, svarupatah, in its true form, asty, exists, adhva, conditions, bhedat, difference, dharmanam, characteristics.
The past and future are as real as the present as evidenced by the passage of time and knowledge gained from it.

Steve Millers sang: "time keeps on slippin' slippin' slippin' into the future. This is why we have to stay present and soak in the experience, like flowers soaking in the sun so they can bloom.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

PYS 4.11: Hetu Phalasrayalambanaih Samgrhitatvad Esam Abhave Tadabhavah

Hetu, cause, phala, effect, asraya, support, alambanaih, support, samgrihitatvat, held together, esam, these, abhave, in the absense of, tat, they, abhavah, disappearance.
Cause and effect hold together impressions and desires. Without the expectations of cause and effect, they disappear.

When we expect something to turn out a certain way, we are only happy when it turns out that way. If we leave our minds open to anything and everything, life is more awesome.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

PYS 4.10: Tasam Anaditvam Casiso Nityatvat

Tasam, memories, anaditvam, without beginning, ca, and, asishah, desires, nityatvat, eternal.
Just like the desire to live us eternal, so are memories.

Desires can make us kooky, like the desire for pujas. They can get in the way of living a peaceful life. However, desires have existed before we existed. Don't get hung up on them and you will have peace.