Sunday, April 3, 2011

PYS 1.2 Yogas Citta Vrtti Nirodhah

Here I am demoing Sukhasana, pose of sweetness aka easy pose.  I am practicing mind control; I think with enough practice I can make treats grow on that bush in front of me.

Yogas, the practice of Yoga, Citta, mind, Vrtti, fluctuations, Nirodhah, control
The goal of Yoga is to manage the swirl of the mind clearing our view of the world in our presence.

Today during my morning sniff-a-thon I noticed how fast the cars were zooming up and down the main road. Perhaps they were late for church, temple, or an early morning treat sale I'm not privy to. Whatever the reason, I wondered as they were flying by, how are they seeing the beauty of this day in front of them?

One of my favorite terms is monkey mind; monkeys swing from tree to tree looking for the one thing that makes them truly happy: bananas. Sometimes they get distracted in the process and start throwing poop. That sounds funny (and really gross) but in the midst of throwing the poop they've lost sight of their goal: nourishing themselves with the golden deliciousness of bananas.

Same thing with the cars. Have you ever noticed when you're hanging your head out of the window going really fast that everything is blurry and you get bugs in your ears? You leave home then arrive at the destination but everything in the middle is muddled, and maybe you're not even at the right place because you couldn't see clearly and you're trying to get the gnat out of your ear.  

Hey, I get it, I look a little like a monkey and I definitely like to run amok. This is where yoga comes in to give us a vehicle to slow down, get the bugs out, and clean the poop off of the windshield. It takes practice, patience, and a good dose of self love but we can all do it.

Hari OM


  1. I am loving Scarlet's take on the sutras- it's a wonderul! Have a bug-free treat-filled day, Scarlet!

  2. I always love a post that has the word poop in it!
    Seriously though, great post! <3

  3. You are so wise, Scarlet. Maybe I should start doing yoga so that I can gain such wisdom.

    I notice the cars zipping by too when I'm on my walks. I try to run after them but Momma tells me to stop and let the cars be. She says that even though the cars are in a hurry I am not. I am taking everything in around me as I set my own pace but I need to work on slowing down. Thank you for inspiring me, Scarlet. I need to remind myself that I don't want the middle to be all muddled.


  4. i adore this post. there are no words to express how wonderful it is!!

  5. oy scarlet can you come teach my black lab a little bit ab the sutras? he seems too interested in napping these days to take his spiritual work seriously.

  6. Love it! Not to mention this is my favourite sutra (for now ;))

  7. Scarlet, you are so right. Getting bugs in my ears makes me want to fling poop, too - so distracting!

  8. LOVE! :) now i'm hungry for bananas...silly monkey mind!

  9. Scarlet you awesome yogini poocher - thank you for delivering this message in such a vividly clear way. Wishing you doggie treats galore today! Be sure to give your mommy lots of kisses today.
    Maria @downwarddog

  10. oh scarlet
    what a wonderful and wise post!
    we love you
    you and your mom inspire us everyday!
    a & m

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