Scarlet's Soapbox: Be Cruelty Free


OK people, I have a very important topic I'd like to talk about: animal testing. 

I sometimes hear my Mommy getting all amped up when she finds out that something in our house has been tested on an animal, then that thing disappears. Now, I don't know a ton about this stuff but I don't wear lipstick or do laundry so why should my fellow furry friends be used to find out if it's going to irritate a human? I love humans, but it doesn't seem right. Especially since I've heard that they make some fancy fake skin stuff that can simulate human skin for this purpose.

When my Mommy found out that one her favorite cosmetic companies, L'Oreal that owns Lancome, Maybelline, and many others, still tested on animals she immediately wrote them a letter to please stop. They say they plan to stop in 2013 but that's 2 long long years away. Also, she found out recently that Bare Escentuals, the company that says their stuff is so pure you can sleep in it, allowed themselves to purchased by Shiseido who still tests on animals for 1.7 billion dollars. Tide and Dawn both continue to animal test while advertising their charitable gigs on their labels; what about the animals they're hurting? These are a few of examples but sadly there are many more.

So I'm asking you all a big big favor, please take a few minutes to research new products you are going to buy to see if any of my friends are being hurt by them. Or in the store, eyeball the bottle or box for the leaping bunny logo or not tested on animals wording.

Here's a list of websites that you may find useful in your research:

P.S. Mom asked me to tell makeup fans that RevlonNarsLaura MercierEstee Lauder and their companies are committed to Not testing on animals. 10/10/2012: Revlon & Estee Lauder have recently decided to expand their markets to China so they will be animal testing per the regulations of the Chinese. I half crossed out Laura Mercier because I'm getting info there. I am adding a few new links that I found interesting:

From our friend @cupcakemafia on her blog:

If you have a blog giving a voice to animals, please comment below: